Sunday, January 22, 2012

Coffee Bean Girl

This is the closest Johnny will ever post a blog update...

*ring-ring… ring-ring…*

Coffee Bean girl: “Hello, Coffee Bean”

Me: “Morning, may I please order a coffee for delivery to VIB at Parkson?”

CBG: “Yes, what would you like?”

Me: “Can I get a small double shot cappuccino… or small cappuccino with extra shot… sorry, I always forget what you guys call it there…”

CBG: “You can have either one”

Me: “Right I’ll have – hang on a sec – what’s the difference between a double shot cappuccino and a cappuccino with an extra shot?”

CBG: “Yes, actually they are the same thing with the same ingredients, the only difference is price”

Me: (thinks carefully) “………………....huh?”

CBG: “Yes, they have exactly the same ingredients but it’s more expensive for a double shot cappuccino than cappuccino with extra shot.”

Me: “I’m in the wrong industry”

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh How Time Flys!

Happy new year everyone!

It's amazing how time has flown past, who would have thought 2011 would be such a big year?

Since my last post we've done a ton of things. "Like what?!" I hear you enthusiastically yell.

Well here we are:

:: is back in Sydney and is working at ACP Magazines 3 days a week. And loves it.
:: doesn't know when she's heading back to Hanoi
:: had a wonderful Christmas at Newcastle
:: misses her apartment and bike. Alot.
:: went to Subsonic (twas freezing) and Outpost @ Cockatoo Island (twas great)
:: is still not over the KOTO Bike Ride
:: opened an Etsy shop!

:: was in Sydney and is now back at work in Hanoi
:: spent Christmas in Tamworth and took his grandmad to the pub
:: danced to the Locomotion on NYE
:: got horribly sunburnt on Bondi
:: finally bought a bike and now rides everywhere
:: has gone food shopping for the first time and cooked