Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I Cannot Explain #1

Buttered, then deep fried corn kernels. It surprisingly (and thankfully) wasn't that good.

So many confusing things- why is this in the house? What is this? What does a bear have to do with golf? And again, why is this in the house?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello Hanoi

Flying over the Australian desert

I felt a bit silly wearing the slippers but everyone else was. So if you're wondering what's in business class- a whole bunch of people wearing silly slippers.

Ayres Rock

Real cockery- the food was YUM.


The beautiful roses that Johnny surprised me with

Hello! I've decided to start this blog because I'm rubbish with keeping in touch with everyone, so think of this as my letter home to all of you about our adventures.

I've arrived in Hanoi safe and well. News so far:

:: Found business class on Singapore Airlines to be AMAZING. No joke, it's going to be sad to go back to anything less now I know what's up front. Also, my luggage was 20kgs over and they let it on for free. Phew!

:: Johnny surprised me at the airport with a big bunch of roses. Exactly what you need after being in transit for what felt like forever. On the drive home we passed a motorbike with 2 packed in cages full of cute (sad) puppies. Any aspirations of getting a puppy here has well and truly been smashed. Too sad.

:: The apartment is awesome. I love it already. I can't wait to make it more homey.

:: It's very foggy here. At least I think it's fog. I really hope it's fog.

:: I had breakfast this morning and people watched- or rather outfit perved. Lots of supercute outfits. There are way more glam women then I thought there would be. I'm so glad I brought most of my wardrobe and heels! (by the way, the boxes I sent last week arrived yesterday too).

:: No Facebook so far in our apartment. You can get around it but I think that's an exercise for another day. If you want to comment do it here cause I won't be able to see it otherwise!

Hope every is enjoying the rest of the crazy looooong Easter weekend. Looking forward to bringing you more updates soon! x